Full Stack Web Developer

H. Tucker Rosebrock

What I Do

Front End

Comfortable using Handlebars, Bootstrap, and Sass to construct beautiful and functional front end clients.

Back End

Experience in constructing complete RESTful APIs using Rails, Express, PostgreSQL and MongoDB, among others.

Digital Narratives

Personal, passionate interest in the changing landscape of storytelling in our contemporary digital era.

I am
H. Tucker Rosebrock

I'm a Boston-based full stack junior web developer.

I first became interested in programming during the pursuit of my graduate degree in fiction, and it was like a hundred million lightbulbs going off all at once.

I began by experimenting with ‘translating’ and animating stories of mine in HTML and CSS on my personal webpage. Through this work, I found an exhilarating sense of confidence and excitement, and I decided to take the plunge onto turning web development from a hobby into a career.

In August of 2016, I left my position in Sales Support and enrolled in General Assembly's full-time Web Development Immersive course to strengthen my existing skills. Now I am eager and excited to put these skills into production!

I got

I am comfortable and proficient in a number of languages, frameworks, and libraries...

... and I'm always looking to learn more!

I also have experience with:

Express | Mongoose |
PostgreSQL | Handlebars |
Python | Ember.js |







Ruby on Rails



My Portfolio



Ember / Rails

My capstone project at General Assembly, 'Keepr' helps you keep track of everything you hear about and want to try. It was built over the course of six days using a custom built Rails API, and an Ember front-end. I had been frustrated by the lack of apps in the market that served this general purpose, and figured this would be a great opportunity to try my own hand at it. Over the course of the week, I went from knowing only the very basics of Ember to building out this full stack app. I'm eager to refactor some of the Ember components and structure as my skills improve, but this app, as is, is still beautifully functional and simple.

Technologies Used:

API built with: Rails, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL

Client built with: Ember, Sass, Handlebars

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Client Github

API Github

Radio Static


A work-in-progress, 'Radio Static' is a fictional hypertextual story of a strange bar in the desert, and the people who find themselves lost there.

'Radio Static' began as the final thesis for my Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction. When I started the project, I knew next to nothing about coding, and the work has developed as my skillset has grown. Setting the limits on myself that I would not include any code I did not write or fully understand, 'Radio Static' was built entirely from raw HTML5 and CSS, with no assistance from frameworks.

In May 2016, I was given the opportunity to spend three weeks at the Banff Arts Centre in Banff, Alberta, doing a residency specifically on Digital Narratives. There, I began to redesign and update the site to include better UX and mobile functionality, as well as improving the overall story. 'Radio Static' is not complete, but I have come to see the revision and development process as integral to the work itself. Much like the landscape inhabited by the characters in the story, the site itself is constantly changing and growing.

Technologies Used:

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript

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Getting Start with VIM


During the final month of the Web Development course at General Assembly, we had our own mini conference, in which we were given 24 hours to pick a topic related to programming that was new or unfamiliar to us, research it, and create a presentation we would give to our cohort.

I chose VIM for this assignment. While one can barely scratch the surface of VIM in only 24 hours, it was just enough to get me comfortable with navigating VIM, as well as interested in learning more. My presentation also successfully convinced several of my classmates and instructors to give it a shot, and helped to dispel some of the fear around using it.

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Tic Tac Toe


A simple SPA version of the classic game, this is a front-end client that commmunicates with an existing API. Users have the ability to play one game, or to sign in to keep track of all their played games.

Technologies Used:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript

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Desert Island

Node.js / Handlebars

A group project done with three other members of my cohort, we made a unique spin on the traditional filebucket. We set the limit of five unique photos per user, under the initial premise of 'What would you bring to a desert island?' Users are able to view their own island, as well as view the islands of other members of the site.

Technologies used:

API: Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

Client: Handlebars, HTML, Bootstrap (soon to include Bourbon)

Get in Touch!

I am always interested in exciting opportunities in the world of web development. Please feel free to reach out!

For those interested in my creative works, please click below for a complete list of my publications and other works.